Community reaches out to “healthcare heroes” at UPMC

Good news at UPMC Memorial and UPMC Hanover during the cornonavirus outbreak.

Submitted by: Lisa Duffy
(Photos courtesy of UPMC)

“The UPMC Pinnacle staff has pulled together to meet the challenges of this incredibly difficult time and is grateful for the community support and encouragement along the way! Last week, employees were greeted with words of gratitude and encouragement via sidewalk chalk on their way into work. Children in our community have been sharing their appreciation by sending their own hand-drawn pictures and thank you letters. Utz Quality Foods, Inc. delivered thousands of single serve Utz snacks for the staff at UPMC Hanover and UPMC Memorial. It is an honor to serve our community!”

– Submitted by Lisa Duffy, Director of Marketing at UPMC Hanover and UPMC Memorial 

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