Alternative HR: Guiding businesses through chaos

The team at Alternative HR wants people to know the world of HR doesn’t have to be so scary.

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Kellie Boysen hears the horror stories: an office administrator drowning in paperwork; a hiring manager overwhelmed with a vacant position; business owners struggling to understand the complex language of employment laws.

The world of human resources can be daunting.

But Kellie and the team at Alternative HR want people to know it doesn’t have to be so scary. So, she’s boiling it down to the basics in a day-long seminar.

The workshop will help supervisors or business owners who are new to the game or maybe just need a refresher course.

“Sometimes, there are office managers who were hired to answer the phones, who now have to fill the HR role,” Kellie says. “Supervisors and business owners may find themselves struggling with the people side of the business.

“We get a lot of questions regarding those things,” she continues. “We did something similar in a smaller format that took about three hours, but people wanted to keep going.”

The top topics

The most frequently asked questions Kellie gets – turned into workshop topics – center around various HR-related subjects, including the following:

• HR 101, aka “the boring legal stuff you should know”

• Performance reviews and improvement plans

• Supervisory leadership skills, such as how to have conversations that coach or correct behavior (“Those are often very uncomfortable,” Kellie notes)

• Recruitment and onboarding, what you need to know before you actually hire

• Payroll laws and FLSA guidelines.

Making it easy

The workshop is from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., and Kellie made it flexible to fit attendees’ needs.

“We planned the schedule so that supervisors who don’t have payroll or recruiting responsibilities can just come in the morning,” she says.

The price is right, too: $150 for the whole day, with York County Economic Alliance, Buy Local Coalition and York Builders Association members getting a $25 discount. Seating is limited; however, those who can’t attend on Oct. 13 could have the presentation brought directly to their workplace.

“We could literally do a whole day on each of the topics, but we’re cutting it down to the must-know stuff,” Kellie says. “Navigating HR is important – and it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.”

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