Through adoption, Spring Garden Twp. woman invests in the lives of others

Heidi Storey was hospitalized several times when pregnant with her daughter. God used this difficult experience to open her heart to adoption – providing a safe home for children.

Written by: Anthony Machcinski
Heidi Storey (Photo by Ken Bruggeman/Our York Media)

Heidi Storey struggled through the pregnancy of her daughter, Josie. The typical morning sickness lasted all day and every day, leading to several trips to the hospital well before Josie’s healthy birth.

A year later, when she and her husband decided to grow their family, they turned to adoption, signing up to be foster parents through Diakon Adoption & Foster Care in York.

She thought about the safe home Josie could grow up in and how some children weren’t as fortunate.

“It felt like God was pulling all the pieces together for us,” Heidi says. “Having my own child made me realize what we can offer to other children.”


When 7-year-old Jonathan and 2-year-old Micah showed up on their Spring Garden Township doorstep in 2014, Heidi didn’t know much about them.

Give any child the right environment and commitment, and you’re going to see how amazing they can be.

Heidi Storey

The boys had been in the foster system for the past 18 months and bounced between six different resource homes and schools. It made sense why Jonathan struggled and acted out in class.

“He was despondent, nervous and scared,” Heidi says. “When a child enters foster care, they lose everything. As a result of this trauma and loss, they don’t exhibit typical behaviors or development.”


Heidi and her husband officially adopted the boys in 2016. A year later, they fostered another boy, Brooks, and adopted him in 2019.

While there were tough times during the journey, she’s proud of the changes the family has made.

Jonathan, now 13, has caught up to his peers academically. Jonathan, Micah, and Josie squabble over who gets to sit next to Brooks at the kitchen table for breakfast.

“For us, investing in the life of someone else was the best thing we can do,” Heidi says. “Give any child the right environment and commitment, and you’re going to see how amazing they can be.”

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