Know someone stuck at a job? This book by a York author can help

“Unstuck U” is for professionals whose childhood dreams slowly died, says author Samm Smeltzer. Her book helps them get back there.

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Written by: Anthony Machcinski
York, Pa., author Samm Smeltzer poses with her new book, "Unstuck U" (Photo by Caleb Robertson for Our York Media)

Samm Smeltzer thought she had everything she wanted at her job. But when she gave birth to her first daughter, working long hours and not having a personal life weren’t as easy to gloss over.  

“I never had time with her,” she says. “I was blaming myself saying I was a bad mom.”  

Samm became disengaged with her job. She needed more of a work-life balance and wasn’t going to find it there. She felt stuck.  

Today, Samm lives a transformed life. She’s the CEO of Leadership Arts Associates, an HR firm that transforms organizations and enhances performance using creativity. She recognizes that managing, leading and running a business is an art. And its transformation as an art that led her to a fulfilling life.  

It’s why she just finished writing a book called “Unstuck U” that guides people who have found themselves similarly stuck at work, as she did years ago. 

“The book is for people who feel lost or disconnected, wondering how they ended up on their professional path,” Samm says. “It’s dedicated to the professional whose childhood dreams slowly died and helping them to get back there.”

The book is for people who feel lost or disconnected, wondering how they ended up on their professional path.

Samm Smeltzer Unstuck U author

Living a connected life

In the book, Samm explores disengagement – a neutral term that she says is a symptom that we should be mindful and aware of – and helps readers work through their own situations, whether that means getting motivated in that job again or choosing to leave.  

“Unstuck U” works through a theory called the Four Ways of Knowing – describing the process of knowing or learning from an experience. It explores one of the most skipped ways – presentational knowing – and pushes to revisit life experiences, letting the reader break down false notions that lead to disengagement in the workplace.  

“I hope readers achieve clarity of what it feels like to live a connected life,” Samm says. “A connected life is when we know we are a part of something bigger.” 

The catch, she says, is that whatever that something bigger might be is defined by you as you find the answers within.  

“It’s this feeling that is identified specifically through this program that ultimately empowers readers to stay on the path to the life they always wanted.” 

Story paid for by Leadership Arts Associates

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