Our York Media to expand good news coverage

We know that good news stories can have a ripple effect of positivity, inspiring readers to be part of York’s revitalization and encouraging people to come up with their own ideas that can change the community.

You may have heard that Our York Media was awarded a $20,000 Social Venture grant to expand on our good news community coverage. But that’s just the start.

Thanks to an investment from YorIt and its members, Our York Media will expand its good news coverage. This includes:

• a video series that accompanies our already popular Neighbors of Our York feature;

• a podcast that highlights the changemakers contributing to York’s revitalization;

• and a series of enterprise stories that dive deeper into the topics that can show York isn’t such an awful place after all.

While the $20,000 grant will jumpstart our good news stories, we know there’s more work ahead if we want to keep the stories coming long after the grant is used.

You can help us tell good news stories

We believe community news is a dialogue and that drive pushed us to ask for nominations for our Neighbors of Our York series and form a Good News Council to guide us in telling the stories no one else is covering.

But we also want to empower others to be part of our initiative.

Starting today, Our York Media is committing 10% of proceeds from our storytelling services back into community news coverage. When your business or organization takes ownership of its news through our channels, you not only get to emotionally engage a local audience with your story, but you support our mission of uplifting the community with good news stories.

In addition, we’re looking for Good News Sponsors. These sponsors can empower Our York Media to continue to tell the stories traditional media has left behind, while showing their support for good news through branding opportunities on OurYorkMedia.com and our email newsletters.

Bringing bright minds to the table

We announced during our YorIt pitch the formation of our Good News Council to help us strategize and cover the stories traditional media has left behind.

This Good News Council includes local activists, community leaders, and caring residents, like Lou Rivera, Katie Hartman, Richard Craighead, Mary Beth Ching and others.

The Council represents the different demographics of York County. They’ll help us give voices to those who need it most. They’ll help us lead the conversation.

Further, they’ll help spread the good news to their respective circles, causing a ripple effect of positivity that’ll show that York County isn’t such an awful place after all.

Working together to tell good news

We’re excited to continue to fulfill our mission of provoking change and giving the community ownership of its news. As always, thank you for your support and keep an eye out for more things to come.

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