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About Our York Media

We’re a different kind of marketing firm. We take the time to learn your pain points and the challenges you’re facing, develop a strategy, and create original content that helps you build your brand.

Publishing local stories

We're a publishing company with two online magazines — Our York Media and The Founder Beat — that provide a platform for local organizations to own their news.

Marketing and PR

We offer month-to-month PR and Marketing services, often filling the gap for local organizations who are going through the process of hiring their next full-time staffer.

Contract work

We work with organizations on a retainer, doing everything from social media management and advertising to creating blog content and commercial quality photography.

Writing Services

We're ghostwriters for various organizations around York. You'd be surprised how many different things you read that are written by Our York Media.


Our Team

We pride ourselves in being expert storytellers. Together with a team of professional writers and photographers, we understand what it takes to build an audience, craft an emotional connection, and approach your story differently.

Rebecca Hanlon

Co-founder / President

Will Hanlon

Co-founder / Editor

Katie Elwell

Staff Writer

Brady Pappas


Why we started Our York Media

After several years of working for the local daily newspaper, we saw something happening outside of the newsroom. York was going through a revival, and we admired the people leading the transformation, the characters contributing to the changes. We realized we didn’t just want to cover York’s story – we wanted to be part of it.

Rebecca left, and, about a year later, the paper laid Will off. We saw it as an opportunity, not just for us, but for York: What if we didn’t have to accept today’s media environment for what it is? What if local media wasn’t driven by clicks?

What if instead of complaining about what the media does and doesn’t cover, what if we started our own media company?

So that’s what we did. In 2016, we started our own media company, one with our own rules that allowed us to take ownership of our story and, most importantly, to let others take ownership of theirs. We call it Our York Media.

Will and Rebecca pose during the 2018 YorIt Social Venture Live Pitch sponsored by the York County Community Foundation, where Our York Media won the $20,000 Social Venture Challenge Grant. (Photo courtesy of YorIT Initiative)

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