Our York Media is York County’s good news outlet.

About Our York Media

We serve York with stories that connect the community and inspire our audience.

We’re a different kind of local media company. We work with York County businesses, organizations, and individuals to share their stories and news that might not be covered by traditional media. We’re completely digital and offer a platform that’s free to access and free of disruptive advertisements. Our content includes a mix of branded content and good-news community coverage.

Publishing local good news

We're filling the void in local good-news coverage legacy media has left behind.

Crafting original, quality stories

Our content is created by pro storytellers with years of experience covering York.

Changing the conversation

We're making York a better place by giving people something better to talk about.

Here's our story...

About us

We’re Rebecca and Will Hanlon.

After several years of working for the local daily newspaper, we saw something happening outside of the newsroom. York was going through a revival, and we admired the people leading the transformation, the characters contributing to the changes. We realized we didn’t just want to cover York’s story – we wanted to be part of it.

Rebecca left, and, about a year later, the paper laid Will off. We saw it as an opportunity, not just for us, but for York: What if we didn’t have to accept today’s media environment for what it is? What if local media wasn’t driven by clicks?

What if instead of complaining about what the media does and doesn’t cover, what if we started our own media company?

So that’s what we did. We started our own media company, one with our own rules that allowed us to take ownership of our story and, most importantly, to let others take ownership of theirs. We call it Our York Media.

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