‘A calming force’ for small businesses

Kellie Boysen, founder of Alternative HR, wanted a career that allowed her to give back and cheer on the small business owner.

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As a little girl at the local food drive, Kellie Boysen was the Brownie who stayed late collecting donations. When she was a young woman at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, she changed her major from Sociology to Human Resources, thinking she’d like to help people find jobs.

And she can still remember with clarity when she didn’t feel like she was contributing enough to people’s lives at her corporate desk job. So, she left, and she ventured out on her own without a single client.

Her mission all those years continues today: Help others and make people’s lives better. It’s what drives her to get up each morning.

That’s why Kellie started Alternative HR – a company that continues her life’s work by doing what she does best.

“There are times when all of us feel like we’re the only person in the world with a particular problem,” Kellie says. “But we talk people off that ledge. When someone hangs up the phone with us, they have the knowledge and peace of mind to get through their issue.”

‘A calming force’

Kellie’s goal with Alternative HR is simple: help small businesses navigate the complex and challenging world of human resources.

Take, for example, York’s Community Progress Council, which helps people move toward self-sufficiency. The agency was searching for a new human resources director – its three-person HR department down to just one – when Kellie got the call a few years ago.

Alternative HR staffed two of the organization’s human resources positions during a six-month transition, along the way holding training sessions and updating the employee handbook.

“Kellie and her staff are consummate professionals with a deep well of knowledge in their area,” says Carolyn Lerew, CPC’s organizational development director. “More than that, though, they’re just a calming force. They help you feel secure that things are going to be done right.”

That sort of assurance comes from years in the HR field, from careful study and from experience culled through work with small businesses of all shapes and sizes.

“This,” Kellie says, “is what we do.”


Go-to person for everything HR

Often, it starts with an audit.

In the case of Visiting Angels in York, which offers local seniors in-home care, Kellie and her team were called in for a compliance audit, where they examined everything from job descriptions to compensation plans.

Since that introduction a few years ago, Alternative HR has assisted in auditing I-9 employment eligibility verification and facilitated employee handbook updates to match new health care coverage at Visiting Angels.

We’ve found so many times that there are things you don’t know about new processes and policies. Kellie is very good at what she does and is truly my go-to person for everything in the HR realm.

Susan Heinle President/CEO of Visiting Angels

They’ll be getting more calls in the future as fresh challenges arise, says President and CEO Susan Heinle.

“We’ve found so many times that there are things you don’t know about new processes and policies,” she says. “Kellie is very good at what she does and is truly my go-to person for everything in the HR realm.”

Alternative HR even provided an HR employee for Visiting Angels recently after a change in human resources personnel, bridging an important gap until a new staffer could be hired.

“That was huge for this company at a critical time,” Heinle recalls. “That’s literally helping a small business at a moment’s notice.”

Pulling for small businesses

Kellie knows small-business owners are passionate about their work. They come in early. They stay late. Too often, there aren’t enough hours in the day to address the ever-changing human resources landscape.

That’s where Alternative HR can help. From recruiting services to employee relations, internal audits to onsite assistance, Kellie and her staff stand ready to resolve the problem of the day— so businesses can get back to work.

Kellie knows the road. And she has a heart for York and its residents, volunteering and working over the years with the Junior League of York, Downtown York Rotary, Dress for Success and many more. It’s just a sample of how she tries to make others’ lives better.

When she isn’t spending her free time giving to her community, she’s fulfilling her dreams to help others through her work.

“We’re priced for small businesses because that’s who we are, and that’s who we’re pulling for,” she says. “We want to solve problems and answer those questions that you might not even know to ask yet.”

Story paid for by Alternative HR

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