Lenka Bar feels the power of community

The team at Lenka Bar says knowing we’re all in this together makes the situation feel more manageable.

Submitted by: Steve Rasovsky
(Photo courtesy of Steve Rasovsky)

Over the last few days Lenka Bar has delivered hundreds of granola bars to the Red Lion Food Pantry and York County fire companies. “In this challenging time we wanted to give something positive to families in need and to the folks who protect our way of life,” says VP Doug Branstetter.

The company has been humbled by the response of community members pitching in to lend a hand. “We’re seeing this as a time to slow down, take care of our health, and take care of each other,” says co-owner Steve Rasovsky. “People are shopping online looking to support local livelihoods. That has made a huge difference because most of our business to business sales have dried up.”

One of those online customers dropped a note which has the team remembering why they do what they do: “Just wanted to thank you all for everything that you do. As Emmy family and I quarantine ourselves, trying to make the best of the current situation, we have become big fans of Lenka Bars. Marcelo (2 yrs old), Natalia (6yrs old) my wife and I have enjoyed our “snack times” with you at our table. Thank you, for keeping us healthy. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. We ran out of our stash within the last week and to see your email come through, was the added bonus to our day. However, this means you and your teams are still working and we want you to know that we have you in our thoughts and prayers. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Thank you. Much love from the Garcia Family.”

Each day brings on new challenges but team Lenka Bar says knowing we’re all in this together makes the situation feel more manageable.

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