Detective Prince: A nose for police work – and people

Prince, a West York Borough Police K-9 detective, is more than just a police pup, his handler says.

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The newest member of the York County Child Abduction Response team (C.A.R.E.) and West York Borough Police Department is just what you think he’d be: hard-working, determined and focused.

When he’s not on the clock, he likes to relax and have fun.

His idea of fun is a little different, though – digging holes in the back yard, destroying dog beds (10 so far) and eating everything from socks to toilet paper.

Meet Detective Prince, a 1-year-old bloodhound trained for tracking. He mostly focuses on missing persons but will also work with criminal apprehension.

What makes Prince a great police dog is all in the nose. He has about 260 million smell receptors, compared to humans’ 4 million, notes his owner and trainer, Scott Musselman. It allows him to track someone with an item as simple as a tube of Chapstick.

Once Prince gets the scent, he is off like a rocket and doesn’t stop ‘talking’ the entire time.

Det. Scott Musselman Prince's handler

Prince trains weekly, and that’s where his handler sees a difference between the outgoing pup and his older counterparts.

“They take their time to make calculated moves and are very quiet,” Scott says. “Once Prince gets the scent, he is off like a rocket and doesn’t stop ‘talking’ the entire time.”

While Prince loves his job, he loves people even more.

“He is hands down the friendliest dog I’ve met,” Scott notes. “He weighs almost 100 pounds, but he thinks he’s a small lap dog and would be happy to curl up in anyone’s lap for hours.”

And that love is returned by Scott and his family, who see Prince as more than just a police pup.

“Owning a bloodhound was not something we would have foreseen happening,” Scott says. “But now, we can’t imagine life without him – or his drool, which can be flung across the dinner table without warning, clinging to the wall like a high-water mark.”

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