Joan and Ronald Bennett: 50 years of laughs and love

Joan and Ronald Bennett’s shared sense of humor has been keeping their relationship fresh for more than 50 years.

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Written by: Anthony Machcinski
Joan and Ronald Bennett (Photo by Anthony Machcinski, Our York Media)

Spend a few minutes in Joan and Ronald Bennett’s living room and you’ll feel the tangible chemistry between the two – little glances at each other, smiles when reminiscing on memories and playful ribbing that’s lasted decades.

Joan remembers how, for 25 years straight, she gave Ronald the same exact Valentine’s Day card.  He’d get it, read the card and then put it down. Joan would take it then and put it on the side for her to keep up the ruse the following year. He didn’t discover it until Joan told him years later.

Ronald’s had his moments, too. Years ago, Ronald was working second shift at Mac Steel in Springettsbury Township and would come home well after midnight. Joan, who was working at what is now Reliance Student Transportation, would get up for work around 6 a.m.

You can’t hold grudges against each other. We never go to bed angry.

Ronald Bennett

Ronald returned home from work one night and changed the alarm on the clock. Five minutes later, the alarm went off and Joan started getting ready for work – only to find out she didn’t need to be at work until hours later.

Ronald laid in bed laughing. Retelling the story, he jokingly replies, “Ehh, she got over it.”

This gentle joking between the two 70-something-year-olds has been present since they met on a blind date 53 years ago. They’ve been married for more than 50 of those years.

For them, the smallest moments and actions are what keep their relationship strong.

Back when a bouquet of flowers cost only a couple of bucks, Ronald would stop at a local market on the way home from work for flowers to give to Joan once a week. It was a practice he kept up for years.

The biggest secret to the couple’s long-lasting relationship: never stop laughing.

“You can’t hold grudges against each other,” Ronald says. “We never go to bed angry.”

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