Jon Spencer: Not just a job

Jon Spencer considers his fellow firefighters at York Fire/Rescue Services his brothers.

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Jon Spencer knows on any given day there are 50 guys he could call who would drop what they’re doing to be there for him. 

He considers his fellow firefighters at York Fire/Rescue Services his brothers. They attend weddings, funerals, and baptisms.  

They spend 10 hours or more together on the job and then host a dinner, coach a Little League game, or gather at a bonfire. They sit around cups of coffee or pints of beer and talk about the calls that change their lives. 

It’s not just a job for us. We’re here for each other.

Jon Spencer

Like many who don the uniform, fire service runs in Jon’s blood. His father and brother both volunteer, and Jon worked his way up from a junior firefighter to a paid position. 

When he moved from western New York state to York City in 2012, the small-town firefighter felt like he’d arrived in a bustling city, with restaurants, shops and a vibrant downtown scene. 

But beyond the amenities that York offered, Jon found he wasn’t so far from family after all.  

“Even though I miss my family and friends in New York, York became home for me because of these guys,” Jon says. “It’s not just a job for us. We’re here for each other.” 

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