Kim Duffy: Helping children heal

As a forensic interviewer for York County Children’s Advocacy Center, Kim Duffy helps victims of child abuse begin to heal.

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Kim Duffy (Our York Media)

Kim Duffy used to listen to music when she went for a run at the end of the day. Now, it’s silence she craves.

It’s a reset — exhausting her body and emptying her mind — readying her for another intense day.

The kids she works with need her to be at her best.


Kim spends her days interviewing victims of child abuse as a forensic interviewer for York County Children’s Advocacy Center.

The things she sees and hears are heartbreaking.

By the time she meets them, the children she works with have already experienced trauma; she can’t fix that.

What she can do, though, is minimize any further harm to that child and connect them with the services they need.

They’re never going to forget that trauma, but it doesn’t have to define who they are.

Kim Duffy

That’s what drives her, what keeps her coming to work every day.

She’s there to help that child begin to heal.

She can see, even in her interview with a child, the weight of what has happened slowly lift.

“They’re never going to forget that trauma,” Kim says, “but it doesn’t have to define who they are.”

She loves getting to know the kids, finding out what makes them tick. As the interview goes on, their personality starts to shine through: goofy, shy, funny.

“They’re all more than what happened to them,” she says.

Helping those kids — that’s why she comes in every morning.

It’s why she runs each night, shedding the stress with each stride, making sure she’s ready to be her best the next day.

Those children need her at her best.

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