Lloyd Fernandez: A bridge for his community

When Lloyd saw how great the need was for members of the Latino community, he knew he had to help.

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Lloyd Fernandez didn’t plan to be a bridge for the Latino community in York. He planned to sell houses. But when he started his career as a real estate agent last year, he found his Spanish-speaking clients often needed more than help finding a home.

Many didn’t know where to get a loan or how to get a copy of their social security card.

“Those are things that we take for granted,” Lloyd says.

So, he drove his clients to the DMV and translated for them at other offices.

It felt good, making a difference in these people’s lives. But those experiences made him realize just how underserved the Latino population in York was.

It’s great to see so many cultures and ethnicities coming together, and everybody likes salsa dancing.

Lloyd Fernandez

That’s when he decided to get involved with Latinos Unidos of York. He wants to raise awareness about the growing Latino population and help connect those in need with services they might not know about.

Lloyd was born in the U.S. and speaks fluent English, but he feels compassion for the many people in York who don’t.

“They don’t have the same opportunities because of that one thing: of not being able to communicate on that level,” he says.

He’s been helping with events like First Friday Latino — a celebration of the Latino community in York.

“It’s great to see so many cultures and ethnicities coming together,” he says, “and everybody likes salsa dancing.”

Lloyd wants to be a role model, to show kids in his community an example of positivity.

And he hopes others will stand up and do the same.

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