Ron “Blue” Hunt: On life, love, and laughter

A ‘bad batch of moonshine’ changed Ron Hunt’s life, but memories of his father still make him smile.

Presented by: Our York Media
Written by: Anthony Machcinski
Ron “Blue” Hunt (Photo by Ken Bruggeman/Our York Media)

Ron Hunt’s laugh echoes off the brick walls in Cherry Lane when he tells the story of his nickname, Blue.

“My old boss said I looked like the old guy in that ‘Old School’ movie,” he says. “I didn’t like it at first, but it stuck.”

He laughs about it, he says, because laughter is the key to life.

Blue grew up in North Carolina, 30 miles outside of Fort Bragg. He stayed with his father at age 11 after his parents separated.

His fondest memories of his dad are about their time together. His father loved the steel guitar and took Blue and his siblings to Bible study every Wednesday.

At age 16, everything changed after “a bad batch of moonshine.” He can’t remember the doctor’s diagnosis. “But, man, that moonshine short-circuited him,” he remembers.

He became his father’s caretaker and quit school to start working odd jobs to make money. Eventually, he left North Carolina. He needed to begin his own life, he says.

He drove trucks before settling in York three years ago. He looks back at his earlier life and smiles.

“I loved my father,” Blue says. “I had to take care of him because he needed my help.”

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