ShaiQuana Mitchell: ‘A heart for the city’

At 23 years old, ShaiQuana Mitchell is in her dream job – showcasing the good work within the York City School District.

Presented by: Our York Media
Written by: Anthony Machcinski
ShaiQuana Mitchell (Photo by Anthony Machcisnki/Our York Media)

ShaiQuana Mitchell called her parents with the news: She landed her dream job at 23 years old.

York City School District had just hired ShaiQuana as its communications coordinator. She became the fourth members of her family employed by the district.

Months later, she still chokes up talking about the job.

“It’s emotional for me because when you’re a student in York, you have that mindset to get out,” ShaiQuana says. “But for me, I have a heart for the city. I want to help change it.”


ShaiQuana never wanted to leave York.

When times got tough growing up in the city, she had a strong support system – family, teachers and friends – who stuck with her and made sure she never gave up.

“I never felt like I couldn’t do it, but just being a young black girl growing up in the city, society tells you the chances of making it is low,” ShaiQuana says. “I chose not to listen to that. I honed in on what my teachers were telling me, and I want to help push others to fight for their dreams.”

With hard work, prayer, and sticking to your support system, anything is possible.

ShaiQuana Mitchell


No matter which city school she walks into, ShaiQuana is a star as students smile and call out, “Hey Miss Shay!” as she passes by.

They know her through various camps she’s worked at through the years. The adoration is heartwarming, but the most gratification she receives is highlighting their actions, like when students at the high school learned from EMTs earlier this year

“I want to be a beacon of light for students to know that even though we come from York, we can still be successful and get our dream job,” ShaiQuana says. “A lot of people say you won’t be able to, but with hard work, prayer, and sticking to your support system, anything is possible.”

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