Sue Nace: Driven to volunteer

As Chanceford Township resident Sue Nace grew older, she started to follow in her mother’s footsteps, helping people out wherever she could.

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Written by: Anthony Machcinski
Sue Nace (Photo by Caleb Robertson for Our York Media)

Sue Nace always looks out for her neighbors. Whether it’s giving them a ride to the drug store or baking cakes for a local church fundraiser, she’s always looking to help out.  

It brightens her day when she sees others do the same – like when Sue was snowed in for three weeks and her neighbor Amos plowed her driveway with a manure spreader at her Chanceford Township farm. 

“Volunteering to help was just an example that my mother set,” Sue says. “It’s an opportunity for everyone to be involved in something.” 


Sue’s mother, Madlyn Yost, was one of the only women in Glen Rock who knew how to drive in the mid-1940s, Sue says.  

Madlyn used that skillset to shuffle neighbors to doctor’s appointments, the grocery store or even the job site. She was Uber before Uber. 

Volunteering to help was just an example that my mother set. It’s an opportunity for everyone to be involved in something.

Sue Nace

As Sue grew older, she started to follow in her mother’s footsteps, helping people out wherever she could, like fundraisers at the local church to help get a new organ or a new roof. 

“In small towns like Glen Rock, everyone had to pull together if you wanted to get anything accomplished,” Sue says.  


The 83-year-old doesn’t volunteer as often as she’d like to, but still finds ways to get out and help others. She volunteered on the executive board for Lutheran Social Services – now SpiriTrust Lutheran – and finds ways to give back through the church.  

What’s really important, Sue says, is keeping love and concern for your neighbor at the forefront. Volunteering keeps her humble and helps strengthen other families. 

“If you’re young and you’re healthy, give up all the frills and don’t buy more than what you need,” Sue says. “Keep your family together with love. It’s important they know they can go someplace where someone is supporting them.”

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