Terrance Williams (Photo by Caleb Robertson/Our York Media)

Terrance Williams: Empowering through fashion

Terrance Williams of York wanted to be a human rights lawyer. When he realized he didn’t like law, he found other ways to stick up for those who could not defend themselves.

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Written by: Anthony Machcinski
Terrance Williams (Photo by Caleb Robertson/Our York Media)

Terrance Williams can’t stand rude managers in the retail world. When he sees something, he speaks up.

“People would look at me and go, ‘Oh, there goes Terrance again,’” the York man says with a laugh. “And yeah, I do go there again.”

Terrance has always stuck up for those who couldn’t stick up for themselves. He studied law in college, hoping to go into human rights. When he realized he didn’t love it, Terrance empowered others through his own passion for fashion.

“If someone is going through something, I want to be there and support them however I can,” he says. “I want to give people a reason to shine and radiate positive energy on others.”


Terrance started designing clothes while at the University of Delaware and sketch designs for hours on end.

One day, his sister bought him a sewing machine.

I want to give people a reason to shine and radiate positive energy on others.

Terrance Williams

He’d make bowties for friends or a handbag here and there, but it wasn’t until 2014 while working at H&M in Dallas where he realized he could do more with his passion.

“Two of my coworkers kept telling me, ‘There are people on Etsy who sell their kids’ macaroni art for $20,’” he says. “‘If they can sell that, you can sell your stuff,’ and that’s when I gave it a shot.”


With fashion as his weapon, Terrance fights human rights battles outside of the courtroom. His designs focus on repurposing, sustainability, and fair wages.

He hopes to keep growing and expanding – he’d love to have a small fashion house someday – but it’s the little things like an Etsy comment or getting tagged on Instagram that push him harder.

“It’s amazing seeing a person wearing and using a piece that you made,” Terrance says. “Seeing people across the US, or in China, England or Israel wearing my stuff – little old me in York, Pa. – can have an amazing reach and bring happiness and confidence to people across the world.”

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