Torry Tyler-Bragg: Healing through spirituality

Through her own healing, Torry Tyler-Bragg brings peace and comfort to others.

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Torry Tyler-Bragg was in the third grade when she remembers crossing some of the busiest streets in downtown Baltimore to walk her little brother to school. It was just one responsibility Torry took on as a little girl who had to grow up too fast. 

“I’m the daughter of a drug addict,” Torry says. “It took me a long time, but I’ve healed from that. Now, I sprinkle positivity wherever I go.” 

Hers is a Cinderella story. Those years of hardship were God preparing her for greatness – to be a better person.

I decided I can be whatever I want to be every day.

Torry Tyler-Bragg

“Everyone is a day away from a complely different life,” she says. “Healing drives my life. Healing helps me be non-judgmental.” 

Through Reiki healing and years of discovering her own spirituality, Torry let go of pain and hurt. She learned to have unconditional love for her mother.  

And through her own healing, she brings peace and comfort to others. Sometimes, in the simple form of a smile. 

“I decided I can be whatever I want to be every day,” Torry says. “The way I walk and speak carries my value. Tomorrow, I might decide to walk like a millionaire.” 

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