Party Belles: A Pinterest board come to life

Looking for the perfect accessories for your big day? Visit the Party Belles Shop and find everything from table numbers to Baroque-style furniture available to rent.

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Inside the Party Belles Shop in York, you can find almost anything to make a celebration fun and festive. There’s antique glass, balloon displays, birdcages, feather boas, and luxe furniture, to name a few.

It’s a Pinterest board come to life and a place where people’s party visions become reality.

But the best part of the shop isn’t so much the fancy décor and accessories offered to guests – it’s working with the Party Belles themselves, Amy Herwig, Leah Karchnak and Erin Ryan.

From weddings to birthday parties and everything in between, the ladies have been making parties fabulous and stress-free on the planners and hosts since 2008.

Making wedding dreams come true

Laura Ildefonso’s counting down the days until her September wedding.

“It’s going to be a rustic, casual type of wedding,” she says.

Elegance is important, too.

“Leah showed me a table decoration in their shop, and it helped me see what I was thinking about,” she says. “I saw that adding another little touch would make it more elegant.”

These are the things Leah loves about her job.

“It’s so cheesy, but I love making wedding dreams come true. It’s so cool to bring it all together,” she says. “We can show a bride what a pop of color, the addition of a tealight or an added element of sparkle can do.”


‘See exactly what it will look like’

One of the most important tools in the Party Belles Shop can easily be overlooked with all the glitter and lights on display. The 60-inch round table, a standard size at many bridal venues, allows Amy and Leah to help brides visualize what their tables can look like.

“We encourage them to bring the items that they want to decorate with,” Leah says.

Sometimes, that helps clients see they may need to tweak their vision.

“Fall brides will bring a teeny tiny pumpkin, and they don’t know how huge the table is going to be,” she says. “Here, you can see exactly what it will look like.”

The items in the Party Belles Shop – from table numbers to Baroque-style furniture to corn hole boards – are available to rent not only for weddings but anniversaries, birthdays, and every life event in between.

And while Amy and Leah can plan every detail of an event, they also love picking out the final touches that help bring someone’s picture-perfect party to life.

It’s so cheesy, but I love making wedding dreams come true.

Leah Karchnak

More than weddings

The Party Belles know that weddings aren’t the only important day in someone’s life.

We’re not going to talk about which birthday Jen Royer’s celebrating, but let’s just say it’s a milestone – and a new beginning.

After a rough 2016, she’s looking to make this year’s birthday better and thank those who stood by her through the tough times.

“I decided I’m going to do something to make this year’s birthday amazing,” Jen says, “to make good memories vs. the bad memories of last year.”

She turned to the Party Belles. Now, she can approach her milestone birthday with the assurance that her big event is going to make the happy memories she dreams of – even if she doesn’t know all the final details for the party.

“I literally have no fear about what it’s going to look like because everything they showed me is absolutely perfect,” Jen says. “I have so much ease with it.”

Jen says she loves the way Amy took her ideas and how they’re bringing those ideas to life.

“I’m so old Hollywood and girly. I love feathers and boas and pink,” Jen says. “I told Amy, ‘You have free rein.’ I don’t even know exactly what it’s going to look like because I completely trust her.”

On top of everything

The bride-to-be Laura shares that trust of the Party Belles.

“Leah has been so flexible,” she says. “My schedule is all over the place, but she’s available when I am. I really love that she tells me, ‘Whenever you’re ready,’ and makes it all about me instead of trying to sway me this way or that.”

With five months to go until the wedding, Laura knows she’ll stay relaxed.

“I’m not going to be one of those brides with last-minute disasters,” she says. “Leah is very on top of everything. That’s one of the main things I was really looking for.”

That’s Leah’s goal, too.

“When you see the brides on their wedding day and they’re not stressed because you’ve taken care of everything for them,” she says, “that’s the best feeling.”

Story paid for by Party Belles
1282 Greensprings Drive, York, PA 17402

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