Red Oak Remodeling project connects family

A 1980’s kitchen entered the modern age with an open concept design reminiscent of reality TV dreams.

When Barry and Kathy Strine threw family get-togethers for their three children and seven grandchildren at their York County home, the family was never exactly together – a few people would be in one room, a few more in another, and so forth.

It’s why after watching “too much” HGTV, Barry says, a term he frequently heard on the network appealed to him: open concept.

“Our space was totally dated,” he says. “With three kids and college and everything else, we kept up the home in terms of paint and carpet throughout the years. But we never really did anything for ourselves.”

So, Barry and Kathy decided the kitchen and living area of their 1980’s home needed a makeover.

Contracting the right company

The Strines turned to Paul and Lora Deller of Red Oak Remodeling for their big project.

Red Oak celebrates 30 years in business this year. For half of that time, the two couples have been friends. They’ve also had a professional relationship, as Strine’s Heating and A/C is a trusted vendor for Red Oak projects.

Both companies are also members of the York Builders Association, something that was important to Barry, a former YBA president.

“I’m a very driven, very loyal supporter of the association,” he says. “I believe in its members: they have ethics; they have a moral compass; they’re the type of people I want to do business with. They’re local people.”

“That was foremost for us in selecting someone to work with,” adds Kathy.

Opening it up

To fully appreciate the new space, Barry and Kathy say today, you have to picture the old one: The front door opened to a formal foyer. Archways and doorways connected separate living and dining rooms and the kitchen. Everything was very enclosed, and walls kept the space “cut up.”

The Red Oak team knocked down walls to create an open floor concept. They added a large island with a utility sink, wine refrigerator, and other amenities that they didn’t have before.

Now, stepping through the front door leads to one large and airy living space.

“From the cut-up version to the wide-open version is like night and day,” Barry says.

Everything they want is in the new space.

“Drinks, cooking, right here in the same room,” Kathy says. “We’re sitting at the bar, talking. It’s so nice. It’s an area where all the activities happen.”

Bringing a professional eye

Barry’s favorite part of the new kitchen is the large island – and not just because it houses the wine fridge.

Lora also loves the island, though it’s with more of a professional eye.

“I love the lights,” she says, “I love the granite, the pattern they chose. I like the two tones of the cabinetry – the center island is a dark wood vs. the exterior around the wall and the cabinetry is a lighter color.”

The way the colors and patterns come together is all thanks to Lora’s eye, the Strines say.

“I really appreciated Lora’s recommendation,” Kathy says. “She has a good eye for color and what will match.”

And it went beyond just walls and floors. Lora helped them pick out draperies, furniture, and even dinnerware.

“I appreciated that,” Kathy says, “because you’re sort of flying blind and wonder, ‘Will this look good with that?’”

The big reveal

The Strines revealed the remodel to the whole family with an Easter celebration.

Not only did the space look beautiful and fit everyone, but the updates made entertaining easy.

The electric stove is now gas. There’s an extra sink in the island. The smart appliances mean the Strines can hit one button on the oven that perfectly cooks the ham, roasts a chicken, or bakes lasagna.

“We probably had 22 people here, and we were all in the same area talking to one another, and it was just great,” Barry says.

“It’s that part of the kitchen where, in today’s society, we can still come together as a family,” he says. “It used to be the dining room table. It’s a point of interest, a point of conversation. We’re talking to one another instead of being on Facebook.”

To think that my home – the way it was – that it can look like this now. It’s a total transformation.

Barry Strine Homeowner

Today, there’s still a lot of “wow” in everyone’s voice when they talk about the finished project, which recently won a 2017 York Builders PEAK Achievement Award for the category “Best Kitchen $50,000.00-$100,000.00.”

“From the start to what it looks like now is just amazing,” Lora says. “They’re still in awe.”

That sums it up pretty well.

“To think that my home – the way it was – that it can look like this now,” Barry says. “It’s a total transformation.”

“Friends have said, ‘Oh my golly!’” says Kathy. “It’s shocking, it really is. It’s perfect.”

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