The Holla Story (Part 2): Building their own vodka brand

The Holla Story, a branded podcast from HOLLA Spirits and Our York Media, about two life-long friends who set out to challenge the spirit industry and create a vodka brand for Millennials like them. This is Part 2 of a three-part series.

Produced by: Our York Media
Paid for by: Holla Spirits


On the second episode of “The Holla Story” podcast, Holla Spirits co-founders Patrick Shorb and Matt Glaser talk about what it’s like to make vodka, how they compete with the big boys, and what it took to finally getting on the shelves of the liquor stores.



“The Holla Story” is a co-production of Holla Spirits and Our York Media. This show is hosted by Rebecca Hanlon and produced by Will Hanlon and Caleb Robertson. Learn more about Holla at their website, Want your own branded podcast? Contact to get started. 

Paid for by Holla Spirits

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