Revs home in on hospitality

The Revs’ hospitality experience shows in the planning of birthday parties, reunions, and corporate gatherings.

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For the Derienzo family, turning 10 years old calls for a celebration. Dominic’s big day was coming up last July, and his mom, Jennifer, knew she needed to hit a home run. As Dominic counted down the weeks until his 10th birthday, Mom scrambled for ideas.

“Planning a party can be overwhelming and a lot of work,” she said. “If you have it at home, there’s the stress of getting your house ready.”

She nixed hosting the party at their place but still had other things to worry about – like finding a venue, then planning the setup, the food, the entertainment, and, maybe worst of all, cleaning it all up at the end.

As she sought an easy solution, the perfect idea struck her: Throw a party at the ballpark.

The York Revolution delivered the big hit both Dominic and his mom wished for.

“We wanted something that would be fun for young boys and girls, as well the whole family,” she says. “Having the party with the Revs was fun and convenient.”

Hospitality the heart of their business

While some people visit PeoplesBank Park for the game experience, the Revs believe the heart of their business is in hospitality services.

Those unique events can take place throughout the ballpark, whether it’s a close-up view of the game behind the home plate Dietz & Bluett Insurance Diamond Deck or a corporate event in the skybox level suites.

New this year, the Revolution revamped their outdoor picnic area to launch the Bullpen Balcony and Home Run Patio. Both were designed after clients said they wanted exclusive space to get to know employees or throw family gatherings.

Part of that hospitality service ensures everybody has a good time.

Reed Gunderson, director of hospitality and group sales for the York Revolution, says the team often works with companies and organizations that have their own party-planning committees.

At other venues, the members of those committees – sometimes consisting of a dozen or so people – can’t always enjoy the event because they’re so involved in the process.

Parties hosted by the York Revolution aren’t like that.

“We have the staff to execute everything,” Gunderson says. “Your group just has to show up, and we’ll take care of the rest.”


Offering turnkey service

Victoria Connor, CEO of the York County Bar Association and Foundation, says she has more than 500 members – plus their families – to consider when putting parties together.

“The Revolution offer the perfect solution,” Connor says, and it’s why the group has held its family picnic at the ballpark for the past five years.

“One of the things we really appreciate is that the staff makes it very easy for us to conduct the event,” she says. “They make the management of distributing tickets very simple and handle all of the arrangements leading up to the picnic. It’s all done very easily, very efficiently.”

We have the staff to execute everything. Your group just has to show up, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Reed Gunderson Director of hospitality and group sales

It’s part of what the Revolution call “turnkey service” – meaning hosts and partygoers alike can enjoy the event while the Revs’ staff is there to handle everything, from planning to cleanup.

Drinks stay filled, questions get answered, attendees are guided to where they need to be, and, most importantly, hosts don’t have to worry.

“Guests give us directions, and we make sure everything is where it needs to be,” says Tylor Toll, the Revs’ hospitality and group services coordinator. “We want guests to leave happy and full. We’ll take care of the cleanup. We’re all about making sure everyone has the best experience we can give them.”

‘A little something for everybody’

Gathering the bar association in one, fun space is why Connor likes having their event with the Revolution.

“Finding a way to intermingle and socialize can be challenging,” she says, “but this helps us keep our group together and get to know each other.”

Plus, there’s a little something for everybody, from watching the baseball game to enjoying the food or letting loose in the Stauffer’s Playground.

To the birthday boy Dominic, he especially loved getting to go on the field and get players’ autographs. His mom, on the other hand, had her own favorite aspect.

“I liked that I could enjoy the party and wasn’t in the kitchen cooking!”

Story paid for by York Revolution
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